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標題: 養生休閒農業區建置模式之研究
The Research on Models of Establishing Recreational Agriculture Area for Health Promotion
作者: 張俊彥
關鍵字: 應用研究;Reacreational Agriculture;農業推廣類;休閒農業;園藝治療;遊憩治療;生心理效益;Horticultural Therapy;Therapetic Recreation;Physical and Psychological Benefits
本研究旨在提出養生休閒農業區之建置模式,主要目標包括: a. 蒐集分析之國外相關案例,訂定國內養生休閒農業區的發展方向; b. 利用實證研究方式,瞭解一般民眾參與養生休閒農業相關活動所得之生心理效益; c. 綜合上述研究成果具體提出養生休閒農業區之建置模式。而本相關貢獻包括: 1. 積極利用農業資源之特性,增進國民健康,例如利用休閒農業區內生產之農產品,提供來訪遊客養生食療等體驗促進身心健康; 2. 使現有之休閒農業更趨精緻化,民眾與業者雙方均可獲益,業者可依據本研究提出之模式,逐一階段改善現有休閒農業區,以養生休閒作為號召,吸引更多追求身心健康之遊客,為業主與民眾創造雙贏局面。

The objectives of this study are: (1) To collect and analyze related cases to set up future orientation of recreational agriculture area in Taiwan. (2) By confirmative research methodology to understand physical and psychological benefits of people who anticipating recreational agriculture related activities. (3) To propose establishing model of recreational agriculture area with health promotion by synthesizing the foregoing research results. The contributions of this study include: 1. Using agricultural resources to promote health of public, such as providing healthy meals from self-produced farm commodities to improve body and mind. 2. Elaborating current recreational agriculture to advantage public and operator. Operators can improve current recreational agriculture area based on the proposed model. Use health promotion recreation as a slogan to attract more visitors who pursuit healthier body and mind, therefore, create a win-win situation both for operators and public.
其他識別: 94農科-3.1.3-輔-#1(6)
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