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標題: 農村地方文化創意產業之規劃與推行
A Study of Rural Industries and Resources Economy-Planning and Promoting Cultural and Creative Industries on Village
作者: 張淑君
關鍵字: 應用研究;Agriculture Industries;農業推廣類;農業;文化產業;農村產業;Cultural Industrues;Rural Industries
透過相關農村地方文化創意產業的資源調查與分析,評估其發展潛力,選取文化產業資源較為優勢的農村社區,輔導農村文化產業的推行,並建立後續的經營管理機制,藉以增加農村產業競爭力,幫助農民開創所得來源,提高農民收入。並將輔導有成的農村社區,推廣週知,作為其它農村社區學習與觀摩的對象,幫助我國農村產業結構的升級,達成以下幾點: (1) 農村文化資產的調查、保存與建檔。 (2) 解決農村文化產業的現況課題,並建立後續發展方向。 (3) 協助農村產業適度轉型,提升農民所得。

Through relevant data investigation and analyses on creative industries in rural areas, the study evaluates the development potentials for cultural industries of rural communities where have better resources and better opportunities to promote in order to establish a better management. Therefore, the study aims to enhance the rural villages' competition to increase villagers' income. In addition, it promotes the management of cultural industries in rural areas as reference for other villages. Purposes of the study are: Firstly, to investigate cultural industries in rural areas; Secondly, to solve the execution problems of cultural industries in rural areas; Finally, to assist the transformation of cultural industries in rural areas as well as to increase villagers' income.
其他識別: 94農科-2.1.1-企-Q1(5)
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