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標題: 運用數位學習作為基層農業推廣人員專業發展策略可行性之研究
Analysis of E-Learning as a Professional Development Strategy for Agricultural Extension Agents
作者: 陳姿伶
關鍵字: 應用研究;E-learning;農業推廣類;數位學習;專業發展;基層農業推廣人員;Professional Development;Agricultrual Extension Agent
基層農業推廣人員之於提昇農業生產品質及促進農業產業升級與成功轉型扮演著不容置疑的關鍵角色,因此,協助其持續地進行專業發展以強化所需職能乃刻不容緩的事宜,而配合當前網路科技的發展與終身學習理念的推動,運用數位學習以作為協助農漁會推廣人員進行專業發展的策略,將可有利其得以在不受時空限制,透過多元且具彈性的學習管道,並能與其現行的專業教育訓練方式相互結合的情形下,以引導基層推廣人員克服目前所面臨的學習障礙,裨益其專業發展的落實,進而提昇工作績效之表現,然在導入數位學習以幫助其進行專業發展之際,則必須先確定此一策略的運用是否確實可行,故本研究即是著眼於此策略的前置分析,透過有系統的研究設計規劃針對其可行性予以深究。並參酌Khan (2001)提出的數位學習架構之P3 (People、Process及Product)模式,以基層農業推廣人員為目標對象,針對其投入數位學習以進行專業發展的個人(people)、歷程(process)與學習系統(product,包括學習或課程內容與學習平台介面)等三個層面進行探討,最終旨在提出運用數位學習促進基層農業推廣人員落實專業發展的可行機制,並研擬未來在推動此數位教育訓練傳遞機制上的相關建議,基此,主要的研究目的包括: (一) 檢視基層農業推廣人員及其組織的數位素養與數位落差。 (二) 探究基層農業推廣人員及其組織的數位學習準備度。 (三) 研提導入數位學習作為基層農業推廣人員進行專業發展策略的可行機制。

The main purpose of current research aims at analysis of e-learning as a professional development strategy for agricultural extension agents. Exploration of how agricultural extension personnel may take advantage of e-learning for professional development using advanced information and communication technologies is extremely important as Council of Agriculture seeks to maximize the training benefits from constantly developing online learning technologies. Built upon the points of view of activity theory originally proposed by Vygotsky, the current research develops a survey instrument to analyze e-learning as an alternative to traditional professional development approaches available to those agricultural extension agents sampled for investigation. Results of a comprehensive set of learner survey would further conclude several strategies in terms of promotion of e-learning for the agricultural extension personnel in public sector and effective operation of e-learning as a way of enhancing quality of their professional development.
其他識別: 94農科-3.1.4-輔-#1(8)
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