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標題: 應用單一核苷酸多態性(SNPs)技術鑑定黑毛豬重要經濟性狀基因改進生產性能 (I)
Genotyping of Major Trait Genes by SNPs Assay to Improve Black Pig Performances (I)
作者: 黃木秋
關鍵字: 應用研究;single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs);畜牧獸醫類;單一核苷酸多態性;黑毛豬;基因型鑑定;Black pigs;Genotyping
豬隻的生產性能由基因型與環境因子決定。影響豬隻重要經濟性狀之基因頗多,諸如HFABP、CRC (PSS)、HSP、RN等基因的基因型與肉質性狀有關;ESR、PRLR、RBP4、OPN等基因之基因型與繁殖性狀有關;MC4R、IGF基因之基因型與生長性能有關。本計畫擬利用SNPs技術的分年鑑定出國產黑毛豬重要經濟性狀基因之基因型。本年度預定鑑定之基因型包括HFABP、CRC (PSS)等與肉質性狀有關基因。俾提供給各受檢黑毛豬場農民,供選種及配種之參考,以增進黑毛豬之肉質性能。

The phenotypes of pig performances showing variation are determined by two factors: (1) the genotypes; (2) the environment. Many genes involve in the performances of some important economic traits of pigs. The meat quality of pigs can be affected by the genes of FABP、CRC (PSS)、HSP、RN. The reproduction trait of pigs is regulated by the genes of ESR、PRLR、RBP4、OPN. The growth rate can be affected by MC4R、IGF gene. In present study, the genotypes of these genes relative to the Taiwan black pig production will be investigated using SNPs method. Genotyping of HFABP、CRC (PSS) genes of black pigs will be carried out in the first year. The data will be provided for farmers to select pigs for breeding and to improve the performance of meat quality.
其他識別: 94農科-4.1.1-牧-U1(2)
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