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標題: 土雞生產管理自動化網路監控系統研發
Automatic Internet Monitoring System Development for Domestic Chicken Raising Management
作者: 萬一怒
關鍵字: 應用研究;Livestock Management;自動化工程;禽畜管理;禽畜田間伺服器;無線感測器網路;生產履歷;自動化;Livestock Field Server;Wireless Sensor Network;Food Traceability;Automation

The purposes of this research are to develop Livestock Field-Server, LFS, associated control software and traceability system, which are useful for domestic chicken and livestock production management, environmental monitoring and food safety. The LFS can be developed with different sensors such as temperature, moisture, CCD camera, sunshine meter, and with Ethernet wireless transmission function constructed into a wireless sensor network. Through the Internet and developed application software the LFS system can be applied for remote production management, environmental control, automatic production data collection, and so on. The LFS system is a good agricultural information apparatus, which are not only useful for livestock management applications, but also applicable for pollution points monitoring, wildlife investigation, epidemic disease diagnosis and prevention, production question real time counseling, etc. This research is a milestone for construction of livestock grid distributed livestock information, automatic control and decision support system. The direct result from this research can promote our competition strength in livestock production quality, food traceability applications and environmental pollution control, etc.
其他識別: 94農科-6.1.1-牧-U1(4)
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