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標題: 蛋雞生產精準控制技術之研發
Development of Precision Control Technique for Egg Chicken Farm
作者: 盛中德
關鍵字: 應用研究;Livestock and Poultry;自動化工程;畜禽;精準環控;復式指標;Precision Environmental Control;Complex Index

After joining World Trade Organization (WTO), the livestock and poultry market in Taiwan has to open as well as to extend to the international market. Consuming competition is then a must for the market. Growing environment impacts the health and production of layer, especially for the climate change. Heat could result in mass death or slow function of the caged layer. In a caged layer house, as the heat accumulated or heat pressure occurred, it is not a good environment for layer growth. Layer body heat is the main source to result in high temperature in the cage though. However, the layer has poor cooling ability. When heat pressure appears, it could loss of appetite, weight, laying ability, egg weight, egg quality etc. Environment temperature increase does not show the layer's body temperature directly. To have knowledge of the change of layer's body temperature is more applicable for cage environment control. The environmental temperature control of caged layer house is not easy. If we can provide a proper environment for layer then can improve their performance a lot. This year's trial is to understand the heat production of laying hens, consequently this information can be used for the future design a good comfortable caged layer house. On the other hand, the feather of layer could block heat transfer. Using infrared to sense the temperature via various materials would have various reactions. However, if one could find the relationship between layer's body temperature and radiant heat, the sensed radiant heat distribution could be used to calculate the layer's body temperature. And, it could be used to establish a technique method for measuring the layer's body temperature. But the available infrared equipment of thermal imager is very too expensive to use in a chicken farm. The project will develope a scanning type of 2-D infrared thermal meter to replace the thermal imager. The developed complex thermal stress index model will too used in a real chicken farm with the 2D infrared thermal meter. The developed technique and control strategy will be used to precisively control the chicken barn environment.
其他識別: 94農科-6.1.1-牧-U1(2)
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