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標題: 禽用疫苗細胞素性佐劑之研發與利用
作者: 李龍湖
關鍵字: 應用研究;Chicken Cytokine;畜牧獸醫類, 生物技術;雞細胞素;中介子-12;干擾素;疫苗;佐劑;IL-12;r-IF;Vaccine;Adjuvant
將選擇雞重要傳染病如新城病及傳染性華氏囊病疫苗分別與表現之雞細胞素IL-12或r-干擾素或以含IL_12及r-干擾素真核重組質體以不同組合混合,免疫雞隻並評估是否有促進疫苗效力之作用。擬分兩年進行。第一年擬用大腸桿菌表現雞IL-12或r-干擾素並以His-Bind Resin純化之。於其生物活性測試後,再分別和不活化或減毒之ND或IBD疫苗以不同組合方式混合後,注射雞隻。隔週採取血清,並以血球凝集抑制反應或中和試驗,評估細胞素對疫苗效力之促進作用。此外,以構築之真核表現系統重組質體做佐劑,利用相同方式,進行含有IL-12或r-干擾素基因重組質體佐劑效力之測試。第二年計畫擬用相同模式,進一步測試雞IL-8及IL-18佐劑效用之評估。依據前述評估結果,選取合適之細胞素混合疫苗後,進行田間雞隻試驗。

Both Newcastle disease and infectiousbursal disease vaccines which are very important poultry diseases are selected to mixwith the expressed chicken IL-12 or r-interferon and IL-12-or r-interferon-containingrecombinant expression vectors in various combinations. The mixtures are used tovaccinate birds and the enhencement of vaccine efficacy by the cytokines will be evaluated. The research will be carried out in separate two years. In the first year, IL-12 or r-IF is expressed in E. coli. and purified by His-Bind Resin. Following the examination of their biological functions, IL-12 or r-IF is mixed with inactivated or attenuated ND or IBD vaccine. The mixtures are injected into the birds. Sera are collected from birds weekly and the antibody responses against NDV or IBDV are evaluated by HI or VN test, respectively. After four weeks postvaccination, the birds are challenged by virulent viruses to see if the protection can be enhanced by cytokines. Apart this, the expression vectors containing IL-12 or r-IF are used for their adjuvant activities as described for the expressed IL-12 or r-IF proteins. In the second year, the same experimental model is further used for the IL-8, and IL-18. Based on the results obtained as described above, the suitable cytokines for the immunostimulation are selected for their adjuvant activities in the field.
其他識別: 94農科-5.1.7-檢-B1(2)
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