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標題: 建立輸入犬之寄生性蠕蟲監控系統
Surveillance of Parasitic Helminths in Imported Dogs
作者: 黃鴻堅
關鍵字: 應用研究;Coproantigen;畜牧獸醫類;糞內抗原;三明治酵素免疫分析法;診斷;人畜共通寄生性蠕蟲;輸入犬;Sandwich ELISA;Diagnosis;Zoonotic Helminth;Imported Dogs
本計畫主要的目的是監控台灣地區輸入犬之人畜共通寄生性蠕蟲相,主要監控的蠕蟲包含有包絛蟲、浣熊蛔蟲以及犬蛔蟲,並且同時研究開發利用糞內抗原(coproantigen)檢測技術來診斷輸入的犬科動物之包絛蟲症(echinococcosis)。犬科動物可擔任包絛蟲、浣熊蛔蟲以及犬蛔蟲之終宿主,人類若食入終宿主糞便中所含的蟲卵則有可能被寄生蟲感染。儘管其對公共衛生上有潛在性的危害,但目前犬科動物的輸入並未強制進行上述寄生蟲的檢疫。輸入犬的糞便檢體以直接塗抹檢出、糖水浮游以及沉澱法檢查有無蟲卵或是卵囊的存在,如果於糞便檢體中檢出蟲卵或卵囊的存在,則進行型態學的鑑定或是進行PCR確認。糞內抗原檢測法是應用三明治酵素免疫分析法(sandwich ELISA)的原理來檢測宿主糞便內是否含有蟲體、分泌性或排泄性抗原用以診斷犬隻的寄生蟲感染狀況。取感染其他蠕蟲的犬隻糞便檢體同時檢測,來進行交叉反應(crossreaction)研究;以期獲得一具特異性及敏感性的糞內抗原檢測法。

The objective of our proposed project is to develop a surveillance program for the detection of zoonotic helminths in dogs imported into Taiwan. The targeted helminths includes but not necessarily limited to Echinococcus spp., Baylisascaris procyonis and Toxocara canis. Humans are infected through the ingestion of the parasite eggs that are excreted in the feces of the dogs, which can serve as the definitive host of the aforementioned helminths. Despite its zoonotic potential, inspection of imported dogs for this parasitic infection had not yet been made compulsory. Feces of the imported dogs be will checked for parasite eggs and oocysts, by direct smear, sugar flotation and sedimentation method. If parasite eggs are found, they will be morphologically identified or subjected to PCR testing for confirmation. The coproantigen detection method, which is basically a sandwich ELISA that detects the antigen of the worm in the excreted feces of the host animal will also be used for the diagnosis of the feces. Cross-reaction studies using the fecal samples of dogs that were infected with other helminths parasites will also be carried out to ensure the specificity and sensitivity of the coproantigen test.
其他識別: 94農科-13.1.1-檢-B1(3)
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