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dc.description.abstractSince Taiwan entered WTO, foreign agricultural products are imported to local market significantly. It causes the surplus problem of local agricultural products. But many local agricultural products actually do have good competition potential in world market. If those products can succeed to export into the world market, it can not only solve the production surplus problem, but also increase the farmers' income. It also means the development of modernization and globalization of Taiwan agriculture. But there are certain criterions to be key factors which will affect local agricultural products to enter the world market. For example, local agricultural products must meet the requirements of international trade. The key techniques, such as storage, sorting , package, quarantine, …etc., must be available and effective. Recently, many related techniques are developing, and have significant progress, but the progress of physical technique to clean agricultural products is slow. The available cleaning machines for vegetables and fruits are good to remove the dust. They can't get rid of some material which will danger human being. For example, the chemical residues and some micro-organisms must be removed before the products are put into the market, which includes the global market. Following the policy of Committee Of Agriculture, which is local products to advance the international market, the purpose of this project is develop a system to combine several physical cleaning methods for local fruits. The developing system will engage available cleaning methods, that includes electrolytic water, ultrasonic wave, magnetic water, and ozone, which have been widely adopted in industry. Ozone has the capability of oxidation to clean the waste water, to eliminate the dangerous germ cells and viruses, and to remove some chemical residue. The ultrasonic wave generates tremendous infinitesimal bubbles with 64,000 Hz to make the cavitation effect. The cavitation effect can be used to remove the dust which stick on the surface or stay inside a hole or breakage. The electrolytic method can produce acidic water on the positive pole and alkalinized water on the negative pole. The acidic water has the capability of oxidation and alkalinized water has the capability of reduction. Both can be used to kill the germ cells, clean and wash the fruits. This project will organize and integrate the select cleaning techniques to be a effective cleaning system for local fruits, which will be exported. The developed system will be tested and evaluated via the products storage tests and quality evaluation. The conduction of this project will benefit the local fruits to enter the world market.en_US
dc.subjectExport Fruitsen_US
dc.titleThe Development of Cleaning and Packaging Technique and System for Export Fruitsen_US
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