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標題: 鏈黴菌Streptomyces griseobrunneus S-3生物殺菌劑之開發與應用
Development and Application of Biofungicide of Streptomyces griseobrunneus S-3
作者: 曾德賜
關鍵字: 應用研究;Streptomyces sp.;植物保護類;鏈黴菌;生物殺菌劑;量產;標準作業程序;生物防治;配方改進;Biofungicide;Mass Production;Standard Operation Protocol (SOP);Biocontrol;Formulation Improvement
本計畫旨在協助產學合作業界得力興業化學公司開發鏈黴菌Streptomyces griseobrunneus S-3成為微生物殺菌劑,在上年度計畫中在合作業界參與下本研究已就既有菌體液態醱酵量產技術進行系列調整,既有改進中Pilot級750 L醱酵槽量產技術,主要為孢子活體之菌體產量可達1011 cfu/ml以上,所產出樣品在溫室試驗也已證實對由腐霉病菌及立枯絲核菌等所造成之苗期病害有卓著的防治效果。本年度計畫工作中,此一既有醱酵產程所用培養基質及調控參數將再行細部調整並完成產程SOP的建立,產量目標750 L Pilot級醱酵槽為期五天之批次培養、產量預期可達5 X 1011 cfu/ml以上。此一批次量產產程經重覆驗證確認穩定性後,產出樣品並將用以建立配製方便運輸保存之粉粒劑等固態製劑之相關技術,主要工作內容將包括載體、保護包覆劑、抗氧化劑、抗UV劑等之篩選利用,所研製樣品除安定性測試,並將配合溫室與田間試驗檢測病害防治應用性,其中由Phytophthora parasitica所引起之柑橘裾腐病將為防治應用首選標的,本研究完成後租彙集資料,對標的產品之商品化與進軍國際市場之競爭性將甚有裨益。

The main objective of this investigation is to establish readily adaptable technique for cooperating enterprise to commercialize Streptomyces griseobruenneus S3 as microbial biofungicide. In the first year project, with the participating of the cooperating industry- the Te Li Composite Ind. Ent. & Che. Fac., we have succeeded in scrutinizing the previously established mass production protocol for spore biomass production of the test Streptomyces strain. The yield by a protocol under improvement using a 750 L pilot scale stirrer tank fermentor exceeded 1011 CFU/ml as expected. In the continued second year project, the standard operation protocol (SOP) for the mass production will be established with the yield aimed at 5 X 1011 CFU/ml in 5 days. Furthermore, for the convenience of product transportation and the satisfaction of shelf-life, the development of powder and granular formulation will be attempted. The major effort for the formulation improvement will be centered on the screening of the carrier, the antioxidants, the protective coating agent, and the UV protectant. The test sample produced will be evaluated by greenhouse and field trials for the efficacy o disease control in addition to the examination of shelf-life. Citrus foot rot caused by Phytophthora parasitica will be used as one of the primed targets for disease control evaluation. The information obtained should benefit substantially the commercialization of the target biofungicide for probing the international market.
其他識別: 94農科-5.1.5-檢-B2
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