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標題: 自動追蹤移動物體監控系統
Automatic Tracking Object Surveillance System
作者: 王文宏
Wang, Wun-Hung
關鍵字: tracking;追蹤;surveillance;automatic tracking;自動追蹤;追蹤移動物體
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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The Surveillance System had used a greater deal of the Traffic controlled、Office Surveillance、Environment Surveillance、and House or community surveillance. In many traffic accidents, It is very important role of the monitor system and it solves a lot problems of traffic accidents. In public security, the surveillance system is pointer to be the powerful evidence. In personal House or community, the surveillance is a good private security service. It save your life.

So far, the structure of surveillance system is made up of one CCD and Recorder System. The Image data from CCD is recorded one by one by Recorder System. There are two problems in this structure of surveillance system. Number one, The CCD is fixed and captures the sequence image in the fixed view. When the view is out of the CCD range, the CCD can’t capture the image data of out CCD rang. This will give the chance to the thief to burst into the house. Number two, the recorder system of traditional monitor system always recodes the images every second. If the moveable object in the view or not, the recorder system always recodes data. This will waste the recorder system resource. And the system recorded the image data that is almost unused for us.

So we propose a ideal that tracking moveable object system. When CCD detects the moving object, the CCD will turn around to the moving objection and the center of CCD will focus the moving object like the human’s eye tracking the moving object. Beside, recorder system doesn’t record image data every second. As soon as CCD detects the moving object, the recorder system will start recording image data. This will reduce the restoring space.
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