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標題: 利用柳杉特殊成分研製機能性居家用紙
Developing the Domestic Application Functional Papers by Using the Extractives from Cryptomeria japonica
作者: 王升陽
關鍵字: 應用研究;Cryptomeria japonica;林業類;柳杉;抽出成分;精油;機能紙;Extractives;Essential Oil;Functional Paper
柳杉曾為臺灣重要且主要的造林木之一,本計畫擬利用柳杉造林木之特殊化學成分研製機能性居家用紙,例如精油含浸防蟲紙、抗菌紙等產品。如此,我們將可在環境保護與善用資源的前提下,為林業研究及生技產業開創新的契機,不但符合政府之林業永續經營政策外,並可創造出無限之商機。本計畫將以三年的執行期限,達成以下重要計畫目標: 建立快速之生物活性篩選平台;尋求最佳之成分配方;瞭解活性作用機制;完成原型產品;技術轉移給適合廠商,達成商品化之目標。

Sugi (Cryptomeria japonica) is one of the most important plantation tree species. In this proposed research program, the functional papers contained the extractives of sugi will be studied and manufactured. Anti-insect, fragrance paper, and anti-bacteria function are the first priority products in this research program. It is convincible that creating the new valuable products for Taiwan forestry industry after successfully carries on this project. Additionally, it will make great economical benefits under the construction of sustainable utilization for natural resources. The main milestones of this 3-years program are to establish the bioactivities assay platform, to investigate the optima formula for manufacture the functional papers, to illustrate the bioactivity mechanisms and technical transfer to biotech companies to produce the functional papers.
其他識別: 94農科-11.2.2-務-e1(8)
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