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標題: 坡面噴植工法資材與技術準則之研究 (III)
Study on Materials and Technical Criteria of Hydroseeding in Slope Engineering (III)
作者: 林德貴
關鍵字: 應用研究;Hydroseeding;水土資源保育;噴植;植生資材;土壤保育;Vegetation Material;Soil Conservation

Currently the Hydroseeding technique is one of the main vegetation working methods to cope with large-scale bare slope. In the development of vegetation method, it is common to adopt the foreign techniques from abroad for local application directly and eventually to improve the working method with local materials to meet the demand for practical usage. However, at present the materials used in spray planting technique in Taiwan are numerous and the relevant construction criteria are also not established yet. Consequently, this project mainly focuses on the analyses of various materials used in Hydroseeding techniques and to establish a set of applicable technical criteria for engineering practice. Meanwhile, the construction criteria, examination system, and acceptance criteria for post-construction are also complied for designer and practitioner as a reference in practice.
其他識別: 94農科-11.5.1-保-S1(10)
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