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標題: 防砂壩壩翼斜度之導流研究
Study on Diversion with Wing Slope of Check Dam
作者: 游繁結
關鍵字: 應用研究;水土資源保育, 土木水利工程類;Chech Dam;防砂壩;野溪;土石流;洪水;Stream;Debris Flow;Flood

Landslides were often occurred and yielded sediments in Taiwan. The movement of these sediments will produce scouring or settling along the streambed, depending on the building of disaster prevention. Building check dam can prevent the disaster of sediment. The mechanisms of flood and debris flow are not exactly similar, so it is important to design different check dam for watershed management and disaster prevention. This study is to explore the function of diversion from check dam in watercourse. The purpose is to research the mechanisms of the concentrate of flood by different wing of check dam. And hope the relation of flood or debris flow by check dam will be trying to derive for the application.
其他識別: 94農科-11.5.1-保-S1(11)
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