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標題: 柳杉造林木之液化及其應用於合成樹脂之開發(I)
Liquefaction of Cryptomeria japonica and Its Utilization in the Preparation of Synthetic Resin (I)
作者: 李文昭
關鍵字: 應用研究;Cryptomeria japonica;林業類;柳杉;液化木材;酚樹脂;PU發泡體;liquefied Wood;PF Resin;PU Foam

At the present day, both polyurethane resins (PU) and phenolic resin (PF) are the extensively applied synthetic resins, they can be used as adhesive, coating, elastomer, plastic and foam etc. These resins are prepared conventionally by using the products of petrochemical industry as the raw materials. Cryptomeria japonica is one of the important afforestation trees in Taiwan. If its wood can be liquefied and used to substitute for some of the petrochemical materials in the preparation of synthetic resins, the utilization of Cryptomeria japonica will be extensively developed. The purpose of this project is to find out the way of using liquefied cryptomeria japonica wood in the manufacturing of synthetic resins. Three parts are included in this project. First, the Cryptomeria japonica wood will be liquefied in phenol and the liquefied wood will be tried to prepare the PF resins. Second, the Cryptomeria japonica wood will liquefy in polyhydric alcohol, and the liquefied wood will be used in the preparetion of PU resin. Third, the liquefied wood, both phenol and polyhydric alcohol liquefied, will be used as molding materials, adhesives, coatings etc., and the performance of these products will investigated. In this year, the suitable liquefaction condition of Cryptomeria japonica wood will be investigated and then the liquefied wood will be used in the preparation of phenolic resins.
其他識別: 94農科-11.2.2-務-e1(7)
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