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標題: 坡地植生與保育功能之調查研究
Investigation and Study of the Function of Vegetation on Slopeland Conservation
作者: 林俐玲
關鍵字: 水土資源保育;應用研究;Ecotechnology;Vegetation;Ecovillage
工作應完成調查地區土壤理化性質分析、植被種類及覆蓋率記錄及土壤保育模式訂定 1. 不同的植物種類各有其適應的環境,對於不同土壤有不同的適生性。調查與了解不同土壤類型(紅壤、黃壤、崩積土)的植物生長情形,對於植生復育有事半功倍的效果。 2. 植物覆蓋對土壤有保水固土的功效。本研究將調查監測不同土壤其植生對於土壤是否具有改善土壤性質、減少土壤流失與涵養水源等功能,以了解不同植被對於土壤保育之功效。 3. 分別收集不同植被種類的土壤資料與土壤流失量的文獻,並探討土壤理化性質及相關立地環境條件對於植生覆蓋之影響與不同植生覆蓋對防沖、固土之功效。然後由相關之研究報告或論文期刊,和本計畫調查所得的資料,探討與訂定植生對土壤保育及水分含養之效益模式。 4. 分析與調查坡地植生復育前後植物生長情形與不同土壤之植物生長情形。以調查和收集所得的資料,建構與提出對綠資源的規劃、保育、復育、維護、願景及展望。

Since 1991, government sectors of different level had made enormous efforts on investigating and promoting the Ecological Engineering Method (E.E.M.) in Taiwan. Meanwhile, a project entitled “Establishment of Evaluation Indices and Design Reference Book of Ecological Engineering Method in Stream” had been completed in 2002 and the relevant knowledge and results had also been transferred to the construction & research departments for technical support in practice. The project entitled “Establishment of Ecological Investigation and Habitat Enhancement Models” has been assigned for implementation by Bureau of Soil and Water Conservation. This project attempted to integrate the relevant theories and technologies from worldwide and apply them onto the stream system for ecological consideration. In the project, the watersheds of Tou-bian-keng Creek in Taichung County; Mu-dan Creek in Taipei County; and Liou-chung Creek in Tainan County were selected as the main areas of study and a systematic field investigations and analyses were also carried out on various aspects with ecological concern such as structures types, planning pattern, creature group and structural landscape ecology. Eventually, this project is capable of integrating a large quantity of information from field investigation and establishing series of design chart and hand book for practical usage.
其他識別: 94農科-9.4.2-保-S1(9)
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