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標題: 紫錐菊健康種苗生產之研究
Studies on Mass Propagation of Coneflower
作者: 周煒裕
關鍵字: 應用研究;coneflower;農藝;紫錐菊;密度;通氣;間歇浸潤系統;density;ventilation;temporary immersion system

Products of coneflower are very popular, important healthy foods, its market is about 2 billion US dollars per year. The high biomass and rich of effective ingredients plants are selected from field and used as materials for mass propagation, it can avoid drawbacks that plants derived from open-pollinated seeds are uneven in field performance and ingredients. The quality of plantlets in vitro can be promoted by applicable planting density and suitable ventilation pores on cap, information will be showed in the results of this project, and the practical methods of temporary immersion system for plantlets production in vitro will be recommended as well. All the plantlets produced in vitro will be committed to acclimation treatments to find out recommendable nursing protocols.
其他識別: 94農科-1.3.5-糧-Z1(8)
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