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標題: 台灣產薊屬藥用植物之收集、繁殖、性狀調查、成分分析及分子鑑定之研究
Studies on the Collection, Variation of Characters, Main Component and RAPD Analysis of Cirsium Species in Taiwan
作者: 葉茂生
關鍵字: 應用研究;Cirsium;農藝;薊屬;種原收集;生活史;農藝性狀;Collection;Life Cycle;Agronomic Character
進行台灣中、南部、東部及北部地區薊屬植物之調查、收集,以瞭解其種類、分布、性狀等,並進行栽培管理試作,及進行主要成分之分析及RAPD DNA分子標誌分析。(1)瞭解台灣薊屬植物之種類及其分布,生長環境、性狀及其生活史。(2)收集材料大量繁殖、供栽培、種原保存。(3)分析不同物種之藥效成分。(4)瞭解其RAPD DNA分子標誌,供物種鑑別及系統指紋鑑定之應用。

Cirsium species are native and rare curative in Taiwan. In addition, Cirsium spp. are important medicine plant in Asia. The purpose of this proposal is to collect the endemic Cirsium speciesof Taiwan, and as follows: (1)To investigate the population, distribution, growth environment, agronomic characters, and life cycle; (2)To explore the cultivation and management; (3)To analysis the component and (4)RAPD DNA analysis of Cirsium species.
其他識別: 94農科-1.3.1-糧-Z3(2)
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