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標題: 芒果及甜柿採收後處理技術之改進
Improvement of Postharvest Handling Technology for Mango and Sweet Persimmon
作者: 謝慶昌
關鍵字: 應用研究;Mango;園藝;芒果;甜柿;低溫貯藏;品質;營養;Persimmon;Low Temperature Storage;Quality;Nutrition

In Taiwan, mango along with citrus rank second in production and there are over 20000 ha. cultivation area with commercial production of mango. The major causes of postharvest losses is postharvest decay caused by the fungi Colletotrichum gloeosporides Penz., which causes anthracnose. Generally the fruit are treated in hot water to control anthracnose and stored at low temperature. Mango is chilling-sensitive fruit. Anthracnose fungi have minimum temperature for growth of about 5℃. The objective of this study is to evaluate the tolerance to chilling of mango cultivars in Taiwan. In addition, bagging of mango fruit during growth was used in order to improve fruit quality and to control fruit fly. The other purpose of this study is to evaluated the effect of bagging materials on the quality and tolerance to chilling of mango fruits. The limiting factors about the quality and profit during exporting mango are transportation method and cost of vapor heat treatment. The other part of my experiment is to compare the investment in vapor heat treatment and the cool treatment, and in sea and air transportation.
Sweet persimmon is the most important commercial fruit crop of Taiwan according to high return. The development potential for sweet persimmon in Taiwan is limited due to their incompatibility with rootstock, lacking in leaf nutrient standard, no information about crop load, serious physiological disorder, and high perishability. Our objective is to make appropriate selection from different lines for rootstock, to establish optimum leaf nutrient status and levels of crop loading, to decrease physiological disorder in fruit by cultivation practices, and to improve postharvest handling technology. Furthermore, the management program for stable yield, high quality and storability is obtained.
其他識別: 94農科-1.3.2-糧-Z1(9)
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