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標題: 農業電子化管理實務訓練班
Training Workshop on Agricultural E-Management Application
作者: 陳澤民
關鍵字: 應用研究;Training Workshop;農產運銷;訓練班;電子商務;電子化管理;田間管理伺服器;商流;資訊流;行銷;金流;E-commerce;E-management;Field Server;Business Flow;Information Flow;Marketing;Cash Flow
未來農產品將從生產端延伸至零售端,在整體供應鏈中,藉資訊科技(IT)之應用,增進電子商務經營績效,提升產品附加價值,為農民創造更大之收益。為此,生產面之整合型感測系統 (Field Server),流通面之條碼應用,加上電子商務之相關理念與實務等,均為推動或執行電子商務及電子化產銷管理相關人員所應具備之職能。本訓練計畫除可為相關單位及產業培訓具備上述職能之核心種子人力外,課程內容更將結合電子商務、物流、金流、商流、資訊流之相關課程議題,並廣邀請各產業之先進與學界之專業人士分享其經驗與現今最新之資訊。教育訓練課程除於中興大學農業自動化中心舉行外,另安排有北、中、南三區之分區課程,讓每個區域的人員皆可方便參與課程。

Electronic Commerce (EC) and Management (EM) are getting popular in business. More and more suppliers will use this new distribution channel to sell their products or to promote their product's knowledge. In this project, in addition to the two basic technical sections are taken place in NCHU Agricultural automation center, we will host three training seminars in north, middle and south Taiwan to teach our farmers, production-marketing groups, farmers' association and agribusiness, how to do business and management jobs in internet. The content of the basic technical sections will dealt with the basic EC, bar code system technique, Data Mining, and Field server technique. Whereas the content of the district seminars will cover the logistics flow, cash flow, businesses flow, product flow and integration of these flows. Through these training workshops, we hope that more EC and EM concepts, techniques will be applied in agriculture.
其他識別: 94農科-7.4.2-糧-Z1(7)
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