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標題: 國產烏骨雞其黑色素與中藥之藥膳功能探討
Studies on Medical Functions of Chinese Medicine and Melanins of Silkie Fowl
作者: 林亮全
關鍵字: 食品科技, 畜牧獸醫類;應用研究
本部份主要是探討黑色素萃取物之抗氧化及清除活性氧能力。黑色素萃取物包括烏骨雞雞皮黑色素(silky skin melanin, SS-melanin)、烏骨雞雞冠黑色素(silky comb melanin, SC-melanin)、烏賊墨囊黑色素(sepia ink sac melanin, SE-melanin)及章魚墨囊黑色素(octopus ink sac melanin, OC-melanin)等四種,並將之與化學合成黑色素(synthetic melanin, SY-melanin)做一比較,並添加中藥探討黑色素與其之抗氧化效果。

The objectives of this study were to investigate the possibility of melanin extracted from silky fowl comb (SC-melanin), silky fowl skin (SS-melanin), sepia ink sac (SE-melanin) and octopus ink sac (OC-melanin). Melanin extracts were in contrast with SY-melanin, and the photoprotect activities and antimicrobial properties of which were investigated. In addition, to realize the possibilities of using for food, and the antioxidant activity on biological molecular oxidant damage and antimutagen properties of melanin extracts were detected. Besides, melanins added with Chinese medicine to be tested the antioxidant effect.
其他識別: 91農科-1.1.3-牧-U2(4)
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