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標題: 我國糧食需求預測及糧食安全管理機制之研究 (II)
A Study on Food Demand Projections and Management Mechanism of Food Security in Taiwan (II)
作者: 李朝賢
關鍵字: 農業經濟類;應用研究
本誚年~度蚺之妣計p畫e目媦標苤:G 1.瞭A解捔糧陪食髡安w全?包]括A對鴭於韞生芠產ㄐ、B進i口f、B庫w存s等奶三T種堥來虓源蔡組捰合X的瑤調梇控扈能鄐力O與P機魖制謘。C 2.在b台x灣W加[入J世@界伅貿T易鶷組梒織換後?,國磥內漸市奕場鶡在b逐v漸扒開}放韙下U,A如p何韟有陵效贍維?護@與P管瑊理z糧陪食髡安w全?所珨需搮農A地a。C 3.在b糧陪食髡安w全?為陞目媦標苳下U,A妥斯善蔔規W劃漕並禱建堨立葺糧陪食髡安w全?體擉系t,A包]括A生芠產ㄐ、B進i出X口f管瑊理z以H及峸庫w存s系t統庰等朮管瑊理z機魖制謘。C(1)掌x握刈糧陪食髡安w全?議傢題D中?,與P國磥內甄糧陪食馴生芠產ㄓ及庣農A地a有傢關鬗之孚意N向V與P認{知鴃。C(2)建堨立葺糧陪食髡安w全?管瑊理z機魖制謘。C

To study food security in Taiwan, both the supply side including production, trade, and government storage activity, and demand side have to be considered. The economic relationship between Taiwan and foreign countries is getting closed after joining WTO and there also exit uncertainty situation across Taiwan Strait, therefore, such situation will be considered when food security is studied. The main concern of food security is whether food supply can stable meet food demand. The mechanism of food management is the tool to achive this goal. On other hand, how to estimate and maintain our own cropland to supply enough food to satisfy the demand during the emergence season across Taiwan strait or under the unstable global food system is the main job in this research.
其他識別: 91農科-1.5.1-企-Q1(4)
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