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標題: Historiography in William Faulkner's Absalom, Absalom!
作者: Yu-Sheng, Chen
關鍵字: 現代性.現代主義.歷史書寫.不及物書寫.海登懷特;modernity. modernism. historiography. intransitive writing.;現代性;陌生感;史學家;困難度;透明度;intransitive writing
出版社: 外國語文學系
Absalom, Absalom! unfolds with multiple discourses, and each one of them may conflict with others in the process of recovering the Sutpen story. What is Faulkner's intention of designing this operation is my primary inquiry. Modernity affects writers' confidence in language; however, modernist writers still have to employ this imperfect tool to render the outside world. This dissertation aims to solve a problem, that is: how can we represent the world with the medium which has lost its functionality? If we advance this question, we will find more problems in the process of rendering the history. In historiography, how writers posit themselves, and what posture they take in their writing become so tricky that historians cannot claim their historical statements to be “true”. Therefore, how readers perceive the writing of history and its significance tend to be complicated. In this thesis, I attempt to introduce the concept of intransitive writing to cope with those problems incurred by the doubtful language, and hope that it can throw light on the predicament of the historiography.

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