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標題: 永磁式無刷馬達之系統量測與參數鑑別
System Measurement and Parameter Identification for a Permanent-Magnet Brushless Motor
作者: 王聖授
Wang, Sheng Shou
關鍵字: System Measurement and Parameter Identification for a Permanent-Magnet Brushless Motor;永磁式無刷馬達之系統量測與參數鑑別
出版社: 電機工程學系

Power electronics and high-speed microprocessors have rapidly developed in recent years. The permanent magnet brushless motors have emerged as feasible candidates for high-performance servo drives. This thesis presents a DSP-based parameter identification method to measure the electrical and mechanical parameters of a permanent-magnet brushless motor. To achieve high-performance of a permanent-magnet brushless motor, its parameters must be known. The parameters include the stator resistance, the stator inductance, electrical time constant, d-q axis equivalent inductance and linkage flux. A DSP-based data acquisition system is set up for measuring the applied voltage and the resulting stator current. Parameter identification algorithms are developed and verified by MATLAB.
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