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標題: Evaluating elastic modulus of lightweight aggregate
作者: Chen, H.J.
Yen, T.
Chen, K.H.
關鍵字: concrete;elastic modulus;lightweight aggregate;mortar
Project: Aci Materials Journal
期刊/報告no:: Aci Materials Journal, Volume 100, Issue 2, Page(s) 108-113.
A constituent model based on the actual distribution of coarse lightweight aggregates in hardened concrete is proposed for estimating the elastic modulus of lightweight aggregate in hardened concrete. A commercially available finite element program designed to handle both coarse aggregate and mortar matrix as homogeneous isotopic materials was used in this investigation in which the spherical coarse aggregate was assumed positioning at the center of a concrete cylinder. This model is therefore called the Central Aggregate Model. The numerical model determined the modulus of elasticity of the aggregate based on the equation E-a = f (E-m, E-c, and V-a), where E-m (modulus of mortar). E-c (modulus of concrete), and V-a (volume fraction of aggregate) are the principal input. This study presents the basic concept of the proposed Central Aggregate Model, test data, and the model's suitability for evaluating the elastic modulus of lightweight aggregate. The E-a equation,based on the Central Aggregate Model is E-a = 6.3E(c) - 5.1E(m) - 9.1V(a)E(c) + 8.7V(a)E(m).
ISSN: 0889-325X
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