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標題: In situ measurement of microclimate for the plantlets cultured in vitro
作者: Chen, C.C.
關鍵字: tissue culture;co2 concentration;vessels;growth;environment;invitro
Project: Biosystems Engineering
期刊/報告no:: Biosystems Engineering, Volume 95, Issue 3, Page(s) 413-423.
Plant tissue culture is a very important technique for the development of the orchids industry. In order to enhance the quality of the plantlets, the microclimate in the culture vessel needs to be detected. An in situ, real time and continuous measurement system of in vitro plant tissue culture is very useful to study the physiological functions and factors affecting quality. In this study, some sensing elements are adapted to measure the variations of air temperature, oxygen (O-2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations in the culture vessel. These gas sensors were calibrated by a gas divider. All sensing elements are kept in a clean condition by alcohol wiping and ultra-violet light exposure. The trend of O-2 and CO2 concentrations all indicate the validity and adequacy of this measuring system. All sensors can be maintained in good condition for the duration of long-term measurements. This technique provides a novel way to study the physiological functions of plants in vitro. (c) 2006 IAgrE. All rights reserved Published by Elsevier Ltd.
ISSN: 1537-5110
DOI: 10.1016/j.biosystemseng.2006.08.001
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