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標題: Triangular Racial Relations: A Post-Colonial Reading of Jean Rhys's Wide Sargasso Sea
三角的種族關係: 珍.瑞絲《夢迴藻海》的後殖民閱讀
作者: 鄭宴蓉
Cheng, Yan-rung
關鍵字: Postcolonialism;後殖民;Jean Rhys;Wide Sargasso Sea;珍‧瑞絲;夢迴藻海
出版社: 外國語文學系
This thesis examines the complex racial relations among the white Creole, the white colonizer and the black people as well as the ambivalent power relationships caused by the colonial encounters among the three in the work of Jean Rhys's Wide Sargasso Sea. The first chapter discusses Antoinette's relation to the black servants and the white colonialists. Her vacillation between the worlds of whites and blacks is discussed through Jacques Lacan's psychoanalytical theory of subject formation as the frame of discussion. The second chapter discusses the colonial encounter between Rochester and Antoinette. Through Homi Bhabha's and Abdul R. JanMohamed's arguments, I focus on Rochester's ambivalent attitudes toward the unknown Other. The third chapter discusses the black's subversive power that challenges the authority of the European colonial system. Christophine and Baptiste are such representatives, whose power poses a serious threat to Rochester. The conclusion of the thesis depicts the main points of the three chapters.

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