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標題: 新與舊的交替掙扎:艾迪絲.華頓《純真年代》中美國歷史文化承襲的映照
The Struggle Between the New and the Old: Edith Wharton's Reflection on Americanism in The Age of Innocence
作者: 林佳櫻
Lin, Chia-yin
關鍵字: 19th century America;十九世紀美國;American Victorianism;Americanism;American Individualism;struggle;Edith Wharton;America vs. Europe;美國維多利亞時代;美國主義;美國個人主義;掙扎;艾迪絲.華頓;歐美
出版社: 外國語文學系
Best-known for her stories and ironic novels about upper-class people, Edith Wharton puts her characters under the conflict between social and individual fulfillment, between desire and repressed sexuality, and between the manners of old families and the shocks of modernization. Written in 1920, The Age of Innocence is a memoir of the Old New York of the 1870s, a time of Wharton's own childhood. Despite the fact that its major plot is set upon love and marriage, the novel also concentrates on issues relating to historical backgrounds. This thesis is a reading of The Age of Innocence from a perspective often neglected by critics of the novel. Putting the novel under historical and social contexts, I argue that the struggles of the characters are due to the American heritage and social development, such as the myth of American Adam, social boundaries and traditional roles of women in American homes. Characters in the novel suffer from and struggle with making choices between conflicting values. By examining the novel from the historical approach, I hope to draw out the problem of American identity the novel reflects.

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