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標題: Molecular imaging of cancer cells using plasmon-resonant-enhanced third-harmonic-generation in silver nanoparticles
作者: Tai, S.P.
Wu, Y.
Shieh, D.B.
Chen, L.J.
Lin, K.J.
Yu, C.H.
Chu, S.W.
Chang, C.H.
Shi, X.Y.
Wen, Y.C.
Lin, K.H.
Liu, T.M.
Sun, C.K.
關鍵字: cr-forsterite laser;breast-cancer;generation microscopy;harmonic-generation;fluorescence intermittency;quantum dots;in-vivo;expression;proliferation;apoptosis
Project: Advanced Materials
期刊/報告no:: Advanced Materials, Volume 19, Issue 24, Page(s) 4520-+.
We demonstrate molecule-specific third-harmonic-generation (THG) microscopy by using silver nanoparticles as THG contrast agents. Through matching surface plasmon wavelength to THG wavelength, strong contrast can be provided by silver nanoparticles under THG microscopy. By conjugating anti-her2 antibodies with silver nanoparticles, the expression of the Her2/neu oncogene in the cancer cell membranes is successfully imaged under THG modality for the first time.
ISSN: 0935-9648
DOI: 10.1002/adma.200602213
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