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標題: Evaluating the economic impacts of crop yield change and sea level rise induced by climate change on Taiwan's agricultural sector
作者: Chang, C.C.
Chen, C.C.
McCarl, B.
關鍵字: C61;Q11;Q54;Sea level rise;Stochastic agricultural sector model;Adaptation strategy;potential impact;equilibrium;information;glaciers;weather;us
Project: Agricultural Economics
期刊/報告no:: Agricultural Economics, Volume 43, Issue 2, Page(s) 205-214.
This article investigates the effects of sea level rise and climate change induced crop yield alterations on Taiwan as well as possible adaptation strategies. For sea level rise of up to 5 meters, as much as 4.9% of total acreage and 16% of rice acreage would be lost. The empirical findings show that the sea level damages range from NT$ 0.84 to 4.10 billion while crop yield losses range from NT$ 1.79 to 2.55 billion. We investigate alternative adaptation strategies finding crop yield technological progress and tariff reduction could significantly mitigate these effects.
ISSN: 0169-5150
DOI: 10.1111/j.1574-0862.2011.00577.x
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