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標題: Discovery of New Natural Products by Intact-Cell Mass Spectrometry and LC-SPE-NMR: Malbranpyrroles, Novel Polyketides from Thermophilic Fungus Malbranchea sulfurea
作者: Yang, Y.L.
Liao, W.Y.
Liu, W.Y.
Liaw, C.C.
Shen, C.N.
Huang, Z.Y.
Wu, S.H.
關鍵字: Malbranchea sulfurea;mass spectrometry;natural products;NMR;spectroscopy;polyketides;nuclear-magnetic-resonance;starfish asterias-rubens;lysine;cyclodeaminase;secondary metabolites;structural elucidation;gymnoascus-reessii;furaquinocin-a;gene-cluster;biosynthesis;maldi
Project: Chemistry-a European Journal
期刊/報告no:: Chemistry-a European Journal, Volume 15, Issue 43, Page(s) 11573-11580.
Six photosensitive polyketides, malbranpyrroles A-F, were discovered from the thermophilic fungus Malbranchea sulfurea by using intact-cell desorption/ionization on silicon mass (ICD-MS) and LC-SPE-NMR. These two strategies facilitate the searching and structural determination of unstable natural products. The ICD-MS indicated that only brown hyphae of M. sulfurea can produce malbranpyrroles. The biosynthetic pathway of malbranpyrroles was evidenced by (13)C isotope precursors and amino acid feeding experiments. The cytotoxicity data revealed that the conformation of the conjugated system in malbranpyrroles does not affect cytotoxic potency against cancer cell lines. In addition, the chlorine atom was shown to be the pharmacophore for cytotoxicity.
ISSN: 0947-6539
DOI: 10.1002/chem.200901556
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