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標題: 瑪格麗特.艾特伍《化名葛蕾絲》中的生存論述與情感移轉/反移轉
Survival Narratives and Transference/Countertransference: A Study on Margaret Atwood's Alias Grace
作者: 曾信閔
Tseng, Hsin-min
關鍵字: heteroglossia;眾聲喧嘩;transference;countertransference;情感移轉;反移轉
出版社: 外國語文學系
瑪格麗特.艾特伍的文學評論《倖存:加拿大文學主題指南》發行後,艾特伍就成為加拿大最有影響力的女性作家之一。 她的文學創作深入探討加拿大的社會和政治的脈動,所牽涉到的國族意識、女性主義更是讓她跨越了國界與文學領域。 其中《倖存》該書最受爭議的受害者情結觀點更是成為她作品中的主要特色。 本論文以艾特伍的受害者主題出發,並檢視《化名葛蕾絲》中的女性角色如何受到迫害和逃脫她既定弱者的角色。
本論文共分為三大部份。 第一章主要探討加拿大文學在面對殖民地心理和惡劣自然環境中的受害與倖存的狀態,而其文學作品所刻劃的女性也跟地理位置相似,都處於邊緣性的困境。 第二章以琳達.赫綺恩(Linda Hutcheon)對再現歷史的難處和巴赫汀(Mikhail Bakhtin)眾聲喧嘩觀點,來探討小說中女主角葛蕾絲為求生存所採用的敘事技巧。 從敘事者的敘述中也勾勒了十九世紀加拿大對性別議題、階級衝突和外來種族現象的看法。 第三章則用佛洛伊德精神分析中情感移轉和反移轉機制的論點,試圖拼湊葛蕾絲案發當天失去的那部份記憶和探討小說中精神分析師和其個案間的互動關係。

With Survival: A Thematic Guide to Canadian Literature published in 1972, Atwood becomes the representative of female canonized writer in Canadian literary domain, yet her nationalistic focus on Canadian autonomy and female perspective bring her wide international acclaim. The aim of this thesis intends to scrutinize Margaret Atwood's Alias Grace in terms of Atwood's victim motif prevalent among her works and examine how Atwoodian female protagonists, like Grace Marks, transcend the victimized positions.
In this thesis, I start with the predicament of Canadian identity crisis and present how Atwood revalues Canadian signature by conflating gender politics and natural landscape in her works. After that, I employ Linda Hutcheon's idea of history and Mikhail Bakhtin's concept of heteroglossia as my theoretical framework trying to elucidate the multi-voiced narrative strategy in Alias Grace. All Grace Marks' suffering stories, encompassing colonial attitudes, ethnic minority, and class conflict come to light through her narrative potential. In the end, the conclusion is devoted to emphasizing the psychoanalytical relationship between the therapist/patient dyad and examining how this Freudian approach of transference/countertransference reveals Grace's traumatic past.
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