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標題: 修正型乘積碼的研究
Study on Modified Product Codes
作者: 郭怡凱
Kuo, Yi-Kai
關鍵字: Product Codes;乘積碼
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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乘積碼是是一種有效率的通道編碼方式,它的編碼結構簡單,且可與調變結合實現,有不錯的頻寬使用效率,現今IEEE 802.16

Digital communications links are used for the efficient and flexible transmission of a wide range of data services.
In general, as these services and their supporting networks migrate towards higher rate, more bursty packet oriented structures,
it is important that the physical layer have both access techniques and modulation / coding techniques to efficiently convey this type of data.
This is especially important in the many applications in which both bandwidth and power are limited resources.

Product code is one kind of efficient channel coding techniques. It has an simple coding structure,
and it is easy to combine it with modulation. It is also easy to increase spectrum efficiency.
For it''s application, IEEE 802.16 takes the Iteration Product Codes for it''s standard. Beside it, In Satellite Communication, Wireless Network,
Microwave system, and Mobile Communication System, Product codes become an important role of them.
In this paper, we would study on product code, and then,
we may find a new coding technique for it, to improve it''s performance.
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