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標題: Digital signature with message recovery using self-certified public keys and its variants
作者: Tseng, Y.M.
Jan, J.K.
Chien, H.Y.
關鍵字: cryptography;digital signature;authenticated encryption;self-certified public key;message linkage;authenticated encryption schemes;linkage
Project: Applied Mathematics and Computation
期刊/報告no:: Applied Mathematics and Computation, Volume 136, Issue 2-3, Page(s) 203-214.
In this paper, we first adopt the concept of self-certified public keys to propose a new signature scheme with message recovery. The proposed scheme has two properties that the signer's public key can simultaneously be authenticated in verifying the signature, and the receiver also obtains the message. As compared with the certificate-based signature scheme with message recovery, the public space and the communication cost are reduced. Moreover, we also present two variants based on the proposed scheme. One is an authenticated encryption scheme that only allows a specified receiver to verify and recover the message. The other scheme is the authenticated encryption scheme with message linkages, which is used to transmit large message. (C) 2002 Published by Elsevier Science Inc.
ISSN: 0096-3003
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