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標題: 在維那‧許瓦布《失衡,無關緊要:畸形》中的眾聲喧嘩
Heteroglossia in Werner Schwab's OVERWEIGHT, unimportant: MISSHAPE
作者: 鄭怡玲
Cheng, Yi-ling
關鍵字: 眾聲喧嘩;heteroglossia;眾聲;布;維那;眾聲
出版社: 外國語文學系
Werner Schwab's Overweight, unimportant: Misshape is a provocative piece of work dealing with killing, raping, billingsgate, and cannibalism. The characteristics of carnivalization are clearly presented through the languages of the play while Bakhtin's ideas of carnivalization are taken into consideration. Languages of dialogue are important here. Through the relationships of mutual dialogues of characters, the phenomena of heteroglossia distinctly show. However, the idea of heteroglossia is not designed for the genre of drama at first in Bakhtin's thoughts. In this thesis, these prejudiced ideas of Bakhtin are going to disapprove of and in this way to help to release the possible utterances of heteroglossia in the genre of drama. Schwab's play Overweight, unimportant: Misshape is going to be elaborated from the psychological shifting to present the phenomena of heteroglossia through its complicated dialogic relationships and the languages of the characters of ideas.

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