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標題: Acute pancreatitis following antilymphocyte globulin therapy in a renal transplant recipient
作者: Lee, W.C.
Wu, M.J.
Cheng, C.H.
Chen, C.H.
Wen, M.C.
Chen, H.C.
Shu, K.H.
關鍵字: acute pancreatitis;antilymphocyte globulin;renal transplant recipient;okt3;rejection;kidney
Project: Clinical Nephrology
期刊/報告no:: Clinical Nephrology, Volume 65, Issue 2, Page(s) 144-146.
Acute pancreatitis is a rare complication following OKT3 therapy, which to our knowledge has never been reported in patients treated with antilymphocyte globulin (ALG). We herein report a case of a kidney transplantation patient who developed acute pancreatitis 2 days after treatment with ALG for grade IIb acute rejection. The symptoms subsided after discontinuing this drug. Resumption of ALG therapy triggered another episode of acute pancreatitis. Therefore, the clinical course strongly suggests that ALG was the etiological factor of acute pancreatitis in this particular patient.
ISSN: 0301-0430
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