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標題: High level production of polyhedra in a scorpion toxin-containing recombinant baculovirus for better control of insect pests
作者: Tuan, S.J.
Hou, R.F.
Lee, C.F.
Chao, Y.C.
關鍵字: Autographa californica nucleopolyhedrovirus;AcMNPV;Leiurus;quinquestriatus hebraeus;insecticidal efficacy;neurotoxin;plutella;xylostella;polyhedral production;recombinant virus;Spodoptera exigua;Trichoplusia ni;trichoplusia ni larvae;autographa-californica;cell-lines;wild-type;mediated expression;depressant toxin;gene-expression;signal sequence;virus;neurotoxin
Project: Botanical Studies
期刊/報告no:: Botanical Studies, Volume 48, Issue 3, Page(s) 273-281.
A sufficient occlusion body yield by a scorpion toxin-containing baculovirus is important to the success of a pest management program. In this study, recombinant baculoviruses, AcMNPV, vAPcmIT(2), by which the scorpion toxin (LqhIT(2)) is driven by an early phase promoter (p-PCm); and another recombinant baculovirus vAP101T(2) by which LqhIT(2) is driven by a very late p 10 promoter, were tested for the efficiency of their polyhedral production. In Sf2I cells, the yield of polyhedra by vAPcmIT(2) is significantly better than that of vAP101T(2),. Although in Trichoplusia ni (Habner) and Spodoptera exigua (Fabricius) the polyhedra yields by vAPcmI T,- infected larvae were not as good as those of the wild type virus, they were about tenfold higher than those produced by vAP101T(2)- infected larvae. To test the insecticidal activity of these recombinant baculoviruses, vAPcmIT, and vAP101T(2) were applied against two major pesticide-resistant vegetable pests, Plutella x ' vlostella (Linnaeus) and S. exigua. Our results demonstrated a significant shortening of the lethal time (LT10 and LT50) compared to those larvae infected with wild type AcNTNPV. In field trials, larvae of S. exigua infected with the toxin-recombinant viruses provided more than 90% control efficacy and resulted in a 58.7-67.4% reduction in leaf area consumed compared to wild type AcMNPV. Based on the efficacy of polyhedral production and crop protection, the superiority of vAPcmIT(2) over both vAP101T(2), and wild type AcMNPV renders it a better candidate to serve as a useful biopesticide.
ISSN: 1817-406X
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