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標題: 雙螢幕照相手機顯示器模組之實作
Dual Screen Cellular Phone Built In CMOS Camera Module
作者: 林源杰
Lin, Yuan-Chieh
關鍵字: Image Capture System;影像補捉系統;Image Sensor;system;data;TFT-LCD;影像感測器;處理器;關鍵字;單晶片;微電腦;競爭性;主動式薄膜電晶體液晶顯示器
出版社: 電機工程學系
目前的數位影像捕捉系統(Digital Camera),在進行影像預覽、影像捉取、影像壓縮等工作時,是先由影像感測器所擷取進來的影像,經由數位信號處理器運算過濾出使用者想要的資料,然後將這些資料壓縮儲存於記憶體並輸出至顯示器供使用者預覽,以達到影像補捉、壓縮、儲存及預覽等功能。
本論文所開發設計之照相手機顯示器模組硬體電路包含了數位影像感測器模組、數位影像信號處理器及被動式CSTN-LCD驅動IC等。本模組之模擬測試是使用TI MSP430F149單晶片微電腦,搭配其16-Bit RISC組合語言指令集,以達到影像預覽、影像捉取、影像壓縮及影像顯示之模擬測試及各項光電特性之量測目的。

The operation of the digital camera system of a camera cellular phone consists of the following steps. First, the image is captured by the image sensor. Then the digital signal processor is used to compress and resize the image. Finally, the compressed data is stored into RAM and output to the display for the user to preview.
Currently, most of the main output display screens of the camera cellular phones on the market are TFT-LCD's. Compared with CSTN-LCD's, this kind of display provides a better contrast ratio, color gamut, view angle, and response time. If this kind of display is adopted, better display effects will be obtained. However, it also costs more on the mold and the production. In this thesis, a display module is designed for the camera cellular phone which uses a passive CSTN_LCD. The goal of this research is to improve its contract ratio, color gamut, view angle, and response time during the production process of the module so that a better display effect can be obtained and the cost of production can be decreased.
The hardware circuit in our display module for the camera cellular phone includes a digital sensor module, a digital signal processor, a passive CSTN_LCD driver IC, and other supporting circuits. In the experiment, the TI MSP430F149 single chip microcomputer with its 16-bit RISC assembly is adopted to test the display module. It is shown that the requirements of the optical and electrical characteristics on the preview, capture, compression, and display of the images can be satisfied in our design.
Keywords: Image Capture System, Image Sensor, TFT-LCD, CSTN-LCD
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