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標題: Reevaluation of the report of the A2 mating type of Phytophthora infestans on tomato in Taiwan
作者: Ann, P.J.
Tsai, J.N.
Wang, T.C.
Chen, C.H.
Lin, M.J.
Ko, W.H.
關鍵字: Late blight;Mating type;Phytophthora infestans;Tomato;sexual reproduction;hormonal-regulation;possible origin;late blight;parasitica
Project: Botanical Studies
期刊/報告no:: Botanical Studies, Volume 51, Issue 2, Page(s) 203-207.
In June 2008, Deahl et al. reported the first detection of two isolates of the A2 mating type of Phytophthora infestans on tomato from two locations in Taiwan based on the tests performed at USDA, Beltsville, using A1 and A2 mating types of P. infestans as testers. However, the third and fourth authors of the paper showed that these two isolates (Pi 214 and Pi 566) behaved as A1 mating type when paired with AI and A2 testers of P nicotianae (= P. parasitica) at Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center, Shanhua, Taiwan. This information was not included in the report. These two isolates along with two other isolates of P infestans (Pi 215 and Pi 564) isolated from the same locations on the same dates were re-tested independently in three laboratories using A1 and A2 mating types of P infestans, P nicotianae and P capsici as testers. All four isolates displayed oospore formation when paired with A2 but not A1 mating type regardless of species used as the testers, indicating that all of them are of the A1 mating type. New isolation of P infestans from diseased tomato plants from the same locations also showed the presence of only the A1 mating type. These results refute the claim by Deahl et al. of the discovery of the A2 mating type of P infestans from Taiwan.
ISSN: 1817-406X
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