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標題: Large-scale mitochondrial DNA deletions in weak goslings
作者: Wang, C.M.
Way, T.D.
Chen, L.R.
Chung, Y.C.
Hu, C.L.
Nien, P.C.
Yen, N.T.
Jea, Y.S.
Kao, J.Y.
關鍵字: muscle-fibers;accumulation;generation;oocytes;tissues;embryos;mtdna;mice
Project: British Poultry Science
期刊/報告no:: British Poultry Science, Volume 52, Issue 1, Page(s) 48-51.
1. Evidence has accumulated in mammals to support the idea that mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) deletions and mutations might contribute to ageing and reproductive failure. White Roman geese were monitored to evaluate the effect of large-scale deletions of mtDNA in an avian species. 2. A total of 340 samples from 114 dead embryos, 111 weak goslings, and 115 normal goslings were used in this experiment. The regions of these two large-scale mtDNA deletions, mtDNA6829 and mtDNA6992, were between the COI and ND5 genes. A 3 center dot 6% (4 out of 111) positive sample was detected in the weak goslings. In contrast, no large-scale mitochondrial DNA deletions were detected in either the dead embryos (0 out of 114) or the normal goslings (0 out of 115). 3. Large-scale mtDNA deletions may be a factor causing weak goslings.
ISSN: 0007-1668
DOI: 10.1080/00071668.2010.537307
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