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標題: Design and characterization of alkoxy-wrapped push-pull porphyrins for dye-sensitized solar cells
作者: Ripolles-Sanchis, T.
Guo, B.C.
Wu, H.P.
Pan, T.Y.
Lee, H.W.
Raga, S.R.
Fabregat-Santiago, F.
Bisquert, J.
Yeh, C.Y.
Diau, E.W.G.
關鍵字: photovoltaic properties;recombination;efficiency
Project: Chemical Communications
期刊/報告no:: Chemical Communications, Volume 48, Issue 36, Page(s) 4368-4370.
Three alkoxy-wrapped push-pull porphyrins were designed and synthesized for dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) applications. Spectral, electrochemical, photovoltaic and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy properties of these porphyrin sensitizers were well investigated to provide evidence for the molecular design.
ISSN: 1359-7345
DOI: 10.1039/c2cc31111a
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