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標題: Synthesis, Structure, Magnetism and Electrochemical Properties of Linear Pentanuclear Complex: Ni-5(mu-dmpzda)(4)(NCS)(2)
作者: Yin, C.X.
Huo, F.J.
Wang, W.Z.
Ismayiloy, R.H.
Lee, G.
Yeh, C.Y.
Peng, S.M.
Yang, P.
關鍵字: Ni-5(mu-dmpzda)(4)(NCS)(2);X-ray structure;magnetism;electrochemical;metal string complexes;crystal-structure;electronic-properties;trichromium chains;tetrapyridyltriamine;ligands;wires
Project: Chinese Journal of Chemistry
期刊/報告no:: Chinese Journal of Chemistry, Volume 27, Issue 7, Page(s) 1295-1299.
The synthesis, crystal structure, electrochemical and magnetic properties of a type of pyridine-modulated linear pentanuclear complex, [Ni-5(mu-dmpzda)(4)(NCS)(2)] [dmpzda-H-2=N,N'-di(4-methyl pyridin-2-yl)pyrazine-2,6-diamine], were studied. The complex involves a Ni-5 linear chain unit with all of the Ni-Ni-Ni being nearly 180 degrees, terminated by the two axial ligands. This pentanuclear linear metal chain is helically wrapped by four syn-syn-syn-syn type dmpzda ligands. There are two types of Ni-Ni distances existing in the complex. The terminal Ni-Ni distances bonded with the axial ligand are longer (2.3821 angstrom) affected by the axial ligands. The inner Ni-Ni distances are very short and remain constant (2.2959 angstrom). Two terminal Ni(II) ions bonded with the axial ligands are in a square-pyramidal (NiN4NCS) environment and exhibit long Ni-N bonds (2.103 angstrom), which are consistent with a high-spin Ni(II) configuration. The inner three Ni(II) ions display short Ni-N (1.886-1.906 angstrom) bond distances, which are consistent with a squareplanar (NiN4), diamagnetic arrangement of a low-spin Ni(II) configuration. This compound exhibits similar [Ni-5(mu-tpda)(4)(NCS)(2)] magnetic behavior, indicating an antiferromagnetic interaction of two terminal high-spin Ni(II) ions in these complexes.
ISSN: 1001-604X
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