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標題: 論珍•史麥莉《一千畝田》中的食物、身體與土地
Food, Body, and Land in Jane Smiley's A Thousand Acres
作者: 邱美惠
Ciou, Mei-Huei
關鍵字: A Thousand Acres;一千畝田;Jane Smiley;Food;Body;Land;珍•史麥莉;食物;身體;土地
出版社: 外國語文學系所
珍•史麥莉在《一千畝田》中煞費苦心地探究「小細節」之重要性及其對小說中人物之影響。 透過檢視書中看似不重要的細節,本篇論文旨在探討書中人物如何透過與食物、身體與土地等與自身息息相關之事物來檢視自身與外在世界的互動關係。本論文第一章旨在探討食物與烹飪如何充分地定義以及反映人物的情緒、權力及地位等等訊息,本章藉由檢視小說人物的「盤中飧」來確切地瞭解到底食物以及飲食習慣是如何傳達與定義書中人物的角色以及其意義。第二章旨在透過檢視人物如何藉由自身的「身體」來認知其外在世界並與其發生聯繫。本章接著討論身體是如何被不同的外力「銘刻」和身體是如何與土地被緊密的聯想與連結在一起;透過檢視小說中女性身體與土地的連結想像,我們從中試圖去揭露並破除女性如何遭到男性的壓迫以及土地如何被人類所濫用。第三章旨在深入的探討人類與土地的關係:人類如何改變及透過科技與農業的「幫助」來破壞土地,再者,作者透過在《一千畝田》書中提供非傳統之有機農業耕種方式,來引起對傳統農業以及我們與土地的關係的關注。本論文探究《一千畝田》中食物、身體與土地三者如何緊扣在一起,並且深刻地影響書中之角色,使這些主角們開始以不同的思維來重新思考自身與外在之關係,進而反省和採取不同的態度來與外在世界共存。

Jane Smiley works hard on the “details” and their influence on the characters in A Thousand Acres. Focusing on the seemingly unimportant details, this thesis is a study of the characters' interaction with the world through food, body, and land. The first chapter aims to examine how eating and cooking define and reflect the characters' emotions, power, status and so on. This chapter focuses on how food and dietary habits define who we really are by examining what is found on the characters' plates. The second chapter investigates how the characters relate to the world through their bodies. This chapter further examines how the body is marked from the outside by different forces and how the body is associated with the land. Through examining the association between female body and the land, I intend to expose and dismantle the oppression of women by men and the abuse of the land by human beings. In the final chapter, the relationship between the land and the humans is closely examined—how human beings change and destroy the landscape with technology and agriculture. Furthermore, by offering organic farming as an alternative agricultural farming practice in A Thousand Acres, Smiley raises questions about the conventional farming and our relationship with the land. This thesis intends to explore how food, body, and land are intimately linked together and how the characters are greatly influenced by them. Therefore, the interaction between human beings and food, body, and land helps the characters rethink their relationship with the outside world with different perspectives and further to adopt different attitudes towards the world, and at the same time, to live with it peacefully.
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