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標題: An antifungal chitinase produced by Bacillus cereus with shrimp and crab shell powder as a carbon source
作者: Chang, W.T.
Chen, C.S.
Wang, S.L.
關鍵字: pseudomonas-aeruginosa k-187;chitinolytic enzymes;trichoderma-harzianum;circulans wl-12;purification;endochitinase;exochitinase;fluorescens;proteins;strain
Project: Current Microbiology
期刊/報告no:: Current Microbiology, Volume 47, Issue 2, Page(s) 102-108.
The production of inexpensive chitinolytic enzymes is an element in the utilization of shellfish processing wastes. In this study, shrimp and crab shell powder prepared by treating shrimp and crab processing wastes with boiling and crushing was used as a substrate for the isolation of an antifungal chitinase-producing microorganism. Bacillus cereus YQ 308, a strain isolated from the soil samples, excreted one chitinase when cultured in a medium containing 2% (wt/vol) shrimp and crab shell powder as major carbon source. The chitinase, purified by sequential chromatography, had an Mr of 48 kDa and pI of 5.2. The purified chitinase (2 mg/ml) inhibited the hyphal extension of the fungi Fusarium oxysporum and Pythium ultimum.
ISSN: 0343-8651
DOI: 10.1007/s00284-002-3955-7
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