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標題: 具有不明確的時變傳輸延遲之穩定網路控制方案的設計與實現
Design and Realization of Stabilizing Network Control Schemes with Uncertain Time-Varying Communication Delays
作者: 黃信彰
Huang, Hsin-Chang
關鍵字: TCP/IP;TCP/IP;network control;fuzzy control;neural network;網路控制;模糊控制;神經網路
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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It is usually difficult to build a real-time (RT) control network using the standard TCP/IP and 10 BASE-T Ethernet, because the medium access control (MAC) protocol of 10 BASE-T Ethernet, the 1-persistent carrier sense multiple access with collision detection (CSMA/CD) protocol, has unpredictable time delay characteristics, and congestion effect caused queueing delay time. When RT packets are transported over an ordinary 10 BASE-T Ethernet, RT packets from a node may experience a large time delay. This may sometimes cause closed-loop instability and performance degradation. To improve the influence of time delays while maintaining performance, we propose a compensating scheme which consists of two compensators- a fuzzy-PID controller and a wavelet neuron network compensator. The proposed design is experimentally verified to show its effectiveness and superiority.
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