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標題: Adsorption of CO2 on Amine-Functionalized Y-Type Zeolites
作者: Su, F.S.
Lu, C.Y.
Kuo, S.C.
Zeng, W.T.
關鍵字: mesoporous molecular-sieve;walled carbon nanotubes;flue-gas;high-capacity;capture;mcm-41;adsorbent;sba-15;separation;sorbents
Project: Energy & Fuels
期刊/報告no:: Energy & Fuels, Volume 24, Page(s) 1441-1448.
Commercially available Y-type zeolite witha Si/Al molar ratio of 60 (abbreviated as Y60) was modified by tetraethylenepertamine (TEPA) to study their characterizations and adsorption/desorption properties of CO2 from gas streams. The surface nature of Y60 was changed after TEPA modification, which causes a significant enhancement ill CO2 adsorption capacity. The CO2 adsorption capacity of Y60(TEPA) increased With the temperature at 30-60 degrees C but decreased with the temperature at 60-70 degrees C, The mechanism of CO2 adsorption on Y60 is entirely a physical interaction but becomes mainly attributable to a chemical interaction after TEPA modification. The CO2 adsorption capacity of Y60(TEPA) was influenced by the presence of water vapor and reached as high as 4.27 mmol of CO2/g of sorbent at a water vapor of 7%. The cyclic CO2 adsorption showed that the adsorbed CO2 could be desorbed from the surface of Y60(TEPA) at 75 degrees C for 4h. The adsorption capacities and the physicochemical properties of Y60(TEPA) were preserved after 20 cycles of adsorption and regeneration, suggesting that the Y60(TEPA) can be stably employed in the prolonged cyclic operation and that they are possibly cost-effective sorbents for CO2 capture from flue gas.
ISSN: 0887-0624
DOI: 10.1021/ef901077k
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