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標題: Gender Trouble: Reversal of Heterosexuality into Homosexuality in Ursula K. Le Guin's Left Hand of Darkness
作者: 蔡振南
Tsai, Chen-Nan
關鍵字: gender;性別
出版社: 外國語文學系所
Based on Ursual K. Le Guin's The Left Hand of Darkness, this thesis explores the potentiality of “gender” other than the heterosexual “man” and “woman”. With the reversal of the heterosexual norm into the homosexuality-like perversion, the novel contradicts “man” orthodoxy in patriarchy. And with the further encounter of a straight man and an androgyne, it produces the potential homosexual relationship which counters heterosexual gender modes. The gender conflicts resulting from the encounter thus reveal the artificial construction of heterosexual gender mode and disable the naturalization and orthodox of “man” in patriarchy. Through the reversal, gender which is fixed in the mode of heterosexuality is thus loosened and displays its diversity, or non-gender.

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