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標題: 文件影像之三度空間扭曲之更正
The Correction of 3-D Distortion in Document Images
作者: 沈剛誠
Shen, Kang-Chang
關鍵字: correction;文件檔;document image;更正
出版社: 電機工程學系
本篇論文主要是以特徵子空間的概念[6],將旋轉扭曲的文字從文件檔中更正。首先我們會先產生26個特徵子空間(Eigen Sub-Space)分別對應26個英文字母,接著逐一的將英文字母旋轉不同角度並向對應的特徵子空間做投影,如此我們可以得到在特徵子空間的投影點,將這些點串連起來,可以得一曲線。所以當一個未知的樣本進來時,先把這個樣本對這26個特徵子空間再分別做投影,經過計算與曲線的最小距離後可以更正為失真前的文字。在這篇論文中,使用的是小寫的英文字母(a,b,c,d,…..,z)。

The opportunity of using electronic documents are growing in a rapid rate at the day of internet, so is the chance of transferring the electronic documents to the paper documents. Distortions like characters blurred, characters on a slant, characters distortion bother us when reading paper documents. This thesis proposes a method for the 3-dimentional distortion in document images. It provides good results for the correction efficiently.
In this thesis, the distortion in document images is corrected by using the eigen sub-space[6]. First, 26 eigen sub-spaces for each character are constructed. Next, we obtain a locus by projecting their rotated characters onto the eigen sub-space. When an unknown sample is input, it is projected onto the 26 eigen sub-spaces and the minimum distances to the locus are calculated. After the calculation we can obtain the recognition results of the 26 small letters, which will then give the corrected results.
This method has the added advantage of obtaining the correction result and angle of distortion at the same time.
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