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標題: Lesbian Subtext: On Toni Morrison's Sula
論莫里森<蘇拉>: 次文本之女同性戀議題
作者: 莊惠婷
Chuang, Huei-tin
關鍵字: lesbianism;女性情誼
出版社: 外國語文學系
The discussion of female masculinity and masculine female will be the main point of this thesis. In Sula, we readers recognize issues mostly about gender, class, and race, but what I have tried to show in this thesis are mainly gender issues. It is not because, in my view, that class and race are meaningless, but because gender issue attracts me more. Therefore, I select gender as my chief subject, and hopefully can discover something interesting. In Sula, the friendship and affection of Sula and Nel are obvious. However, to argue Sula and Nel are homosexuals or not is meaningless to me, what I mean here is not to exclude the lesbian possibility, but on the contrary, to widen the range of varieties. Lesbianism is one of the ways to interpret Morrison's Sula. Therefore, the elaboration of these female relationships will be discussed in detail in the following chapters.

藉由莫里森的《蘇拉》一書,用以闡述一般讀者對於性別議題容易誤解之處,用新的閱讀方法加以說明。再者,進一步討論女性情誼的界定,是不是真有明確的界線? 女同性戀與女性朋友之間的分野是不是只能從有否性行為來定論?在本論文中會有所討論。
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