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標題: 全方位行動機械手臂之點對點最佳組態規劃與控制
Point-to-Point Optimal Configuration Planning and Control of an Omnidirectional Mobile Manipulator
作者: 姜禮賓
Jiang, Li-Bin
關鍵字: mobile manipulator;行動機械手臂;omnidirectional mobile base;image recognition;evolutionary algorithm;point-to-point trajectory planning;全方位行動;影像識別;進化演算法;點對點軌跡規劃
出版社: 電機工程學系

This thesis develops methodologies and techniques for image recognition of a circular object to be grasped by a mobile manipulator, kinematics control of an omnidirectional mobile base and EA-based point-to-point control for a mobile manipulator. An object recognition method is proposed to recognize the target spherical object and to determine the position of the object relative to the camera. Two kinematics PI control laws are presented to steer the omnidirectional mobile base to reach the desired position, and to drive the mobile base to exactly follow the desired trajectories. An EA-based task planning method is developed to find the near optimal configuration of the mobile manipulator moving form one point to another. A simple path planning for the point-to-point motion of the mobile manipulator is specified by a third order equation. The experimental system is composed of an object recognition subsystem, a mobile base subsystem, a manipulator subsystem and an industrial personal computer. Computer simulations and experimental results are included to verify the efficacy of the proposed methods.
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